Sony Launches New VAIO Range of Products

Sony Malaysia today announced new additions to the 2013 VAIO line-up with the introduction of VAIO® Duo 13 and VAIO® Pro 13/11. Designed to enhance individuals’ lifestyles, the new slider hybrid PC, VAIO® Duo 13, and mobile VAIO® Pro 13/11 complete the 2Q 2013 VAIO line-up with the existing entertainment-centered VAIO® Fit 14.


VAIO® Duo 13 and VAIO® Pro 13/11 harness Sony’s innovative display, digital imaging, and sound technology, as well as provide a wealth of new personal computing experiences. “Our aim with these unique new models is to provide customers with a variety of new ways to use their PCs. We have achieved this by combining powerful Sony technologies with new form factors,” said Satoshi Hatano, Director of Sony Malaysia, “We’re aiming to make devices that will enhance and enrich individuals’ lifestyles in both work and play. One example of this is the VAIO® Duo 13’s camera functionality. It has the ability to take crisp images of documents using the computer’s camera as if it were a scanner. Images are clear enough to recognize and tag text, allowing for easier, more effective and efficient searching and editing.”

*The above content was taken from Sony’s press release.


VAIO® Duo 13’s unique Surf Slider™ design allows for a quick and seamless transition between slate and keyboard modes. Sliding the screen back while in slate mode reveals a keyboard and a touch pad and returning it to its original position will put the VAIO® Duo 13 back in slate mode, favoring touch and pen manipulation. While in slate mode, users can easily operate VAIO® Duo 13 by touch or with its digitizer stylus, whilst keyboard mode perfectly accommodates conventional PC usage such as quickly editing documents. The convenience of slate mode, combined with the efficiency of keyboard mode, creates a greatly improved PC experience.

– source : SONY PR

More details at the Sony VAIO Duo Official Product Page


VAIO® Pro 13/11 are the lightest4 5 touch capable Ultrabook™ in their respective classes. By using carbon fiber throughout the case, the touch enabled VAIO® Pro 11 achieves the light weight of 0.870 kg (approx.) and the touch enabled VAIO® Pro 13 achieves a weight of only 1.060 kg (approx.).

– source : SONY PR

More details at the Sony VAIO Pro Official Product Page

A Brief Encounter

I’ve tested both Pro series and Duo series, both are interesting products but the Pro series calls out to me a lot more.

The Duo is a slider type of device, with a tablet mode and a PC mode and it comes with a stylus. It’s great if your line of work could use the touch of a pen.

I love the Pro range for the slim and lightweight nature. It comes in Core i5 and i7 processor. The backlit keyboard is a welcome as well, great for typing in the dark.

To end this write-up, here’s the video of the launch event.