ServerDNA 3.0 : We Game For The Future!

ServerDNA Season 3 came to an end, it’ll be difficult to put in words what transpired as there are activities all over the venue, those of you who missed it for whatever reason could get a glimpse of what went on with the video I recorded here. 🙂

Here are some pics, basically a picture form of the above video.

There’s something to suit everyone, to me it’s the case modding side of things that I enjoy the most so the videos are all below as I document the case mods from Malaysia.

As for the rest, there are other areas like gaming, or computer hardware – they’re all there, you get to try fancy stuff too like VR games, or even the new RTX series graphics cards.

There’s also the side-track sessions where experts in the industry shares their knowledge and experience regarding a product range or a particular field of practice (Eg Tt with water cooling setup).

I think what the crowd was most excited about is the lucky draw and bidding session which is held towards the end of the day. 🙂