Sapphire PULSE RX 5700 Series Graphics Cards Launched

Sapphire’s salvo of RX 5700 is here, starting off is the Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 series. ial

I won’t go into details, and I wish their PR included the view of the back of the card as I’ve seen it somewhere and it’s quite nice.

Key features:
· New TriXX Boost Feature delivers up to 15% performance increase in popular games
· Improved PCB, power and cooler designs ensures gamers have superior clock speeds
· PULSE cards deliver cool, quiet and affordable performance
· Components efficiently cooled by finely tuned Dual-X technology
· New SAPPHIRE COOLTECH, DNA and PLUS technologies feature sets
· New extreme AMD RDNA gaming architecture powers PULSE RX 5700 cards to new heights!

First Impressions

Nice looking card, still better looking than the blue color one before but in my opinion this is very far from the Vapor-X models that I love.