NVIDIA is now a Founder Partner in Tencent Esports Technology Alliance

The Global E-sports Summit and Tencent Esports Annual Conference was held in Hainan, China on June 20th 2019. The event saw the presence of Nvidia, a founding member of the E-sports Technology Alliance that is committed to support the development of Esports industry, boosting technological progress of the industry, and bringing better Esports equipment to gamers.

Tencent E-sports will establish E-sports technology standards in China, including technology of E-sports network, hardware, and broadcast to improve the management of the industry. According to Tencent’s report, the eSport market has reached RMB 13.8 Billion with 350 Million eSport users in China alone. Through the Tencent eSport Technology Alliance, NVIDIA will work hand-in-hand with Tencent to level up competition equipment for PC gaming experience.

NVIDIA has always been committed to leading the development of E-sports industry through visual computing. Along with GeForce RTX launch, we brought a whole new way to experience games. The number of ray-tracing titles is ever growing, and more and more GeForce players realize that the “frames” in E-sports could win games. NVIDIA will continually boost the industry with the all-new RTX platform to equip professional players and gamers.

– Jams Zhang, NVIDIA Global Vice President and General Manager of China

NVIDIA, as the important partner of Tencent E-sports Technology Alliance, will always provide the best E-sports hardware and software products for gamers, E-sports clubs and E-sports lighthouse events.