Nokia Introduces the Nokia 105 Extremely Budget Phone

“The Nokia 105 packs a super-efficient battery to give you up to up to 12.5 hours of talk time – and up to a whopping 35 days of standby.” – Nokia


Source : Nokia

Display size: 1.4 inches (color)
Radio features: FM Radio
Maximum 2G standby time: 842h
Maximum 2G talk time: 12.5h

Good enough for most people actually. After all, there’s already Internet connectivity and more importantly, being able to call and SMS.

Height: 107 mm
Width: 44.8 mm
Thickness: 14.3 mm
Weight: 70 g
Volume: 64 cm³

All looks good……… until I realize, there’s NO WIFI!!!! Considering it’s a budget phone, I much rather they included WiFi than 2G capability. WiFi availability is quite common these days, at home and restaurants.

It’s been like this with the Nokia Asha range as well. Nevertheless, I think this phone is great considering the price you pay. It’s also a great option as a backup device for some, like myself.

2 thoughts on “Nokia Introduces the Nokia 105 Extremely Budget Phone

  1. The 105 is not equipped with any form of internet connectivity in order to keep the price down. 2G here means it’s a GSM phone and not GPRS/EDGE connectivity.

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