ASUS FonePad : 7-inch tablet with phone functionality

Asus unveils yet another 7″ tablet – the FonePad. Yup – you’ve heard of the PadFone, this one is the FonePad. 😛


Here are the specs table. (credits to

It’s priced at USD 249 which I think is good. It’s a competition to Asus’ own Nexus 7 no doubt. The difference being the operating system where the Nexus 7 would have an edge over the OS update while the FonePad has telephony capability.

Bear in mind also that the FonePad sports a different CPU and GPU from the Nexus 7.

So, does this product spark your interest? In some ways, it reminds me of Samsung’s tablet offerings. And I must admit I LOL when I see people put large devices to their face. 😛

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