Network Experts Confirmed Authorities Blocked Content Related to Malaysia’s GE13

Network experts over’s Forum confirmed all plaintext HTTP connections on Unifi (and maybe Celcom + Maxis) are being man-in-the-middle’d and dropped if they contain blacklisted data.

Looks like there are videos some people don’t like us Malaysians to see.


The discussion is found here, you may follow the thread to get updates on the research and attempts done by our forum members.

Try the links below.

On my attempt, the 1st link loads the video but there’s quite a long gap between the Youtube ads and the video itself. I didn’t time it but it’s about 1 minute I reckon, just a black screen.

The 2nd video on the other hand, also shows the black screen but ended in error loading video.

Screenshot as seen below.


Looks like with around 4 days left to THE DAY – Malaysia’s General Election 13, there are parties that are pulling strings to stop the nation from viewing certain videos.

Here are some feedback from others on Facebook ……


Please follow the discussion thread at for further updates.

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