Malaysia’s Ruling Party Spends on Improperly Executed Google Ads

Malaysians have been bombarded with ads from the ruling party over the past weeks as the nation approaches the General Election on May 5th. The curious little me, after seeing one too many ads, decided to give one of their ads on Google a click to see where it leads to.


If they advertised on Google Ads system, surely they’ll have something great in store, right? Or at least something they can proudly present to the nation.

Unfortunately this is the case – let’s see how IMPROPER is this “improperly executed Google Ads”.


With a well animated banner ad, one would have expected the execution to be flawless.

On one hand the nation is denied access to “blacklisted” contents (as seen in yesterday’s article), yet on the other hand we have users being directed to a non-existent website.

Perhaps you’re thinking that it’s just the micro-site not working. LOL. I thought so too until I visit and saw the following page.


In summary, if someone’s going to spend BIG on ads – they’d better get it done right or end up looking foolish.

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