Mushi & Gigabyte Fan Meeting, ViewNet Low Yat Plaza

Gigabyte Malaysia just concluded their “Meet Mushi” event at ViewNet (Low Yat Plaza), the event was held in the afternoon today and saw great reception as fans of the brand, the game and of course – the superstar.


While I do not have the luxury of time to stay for the course of the entire event, suffice to say that the event was a success right from the start.


The crowd was attentive as Mushi (click here in case you don’t know who he is) shares his experience as a Professional Gamer specializing in DoTA2.


Professional DoTA2 casters Luminous and DPMlicious (the lady) were also present to live cast the Live 1 VS 1 Match.


Surprise Special Guest Ohaiyo also graced the event with his presence. 😀 Certainly a great time for the fans, a meet with not just 1 but 2 of their Malaysian DoTA2 Idols!

Parting Words

The community does require more of such event, especially at a time where eSports doesn’t seem to be too bad of a profession. 😀 Things look really great if you can do well in the international scene.