List of Devices for Youth Communication Package (Pakej Komunikasi Belia) Now Available

Remember the news published just a few days back titled Smartphone Discounts only for Phones under RM 500?

The list of phones under RM 500 was released by the MCMC. 🙂 It’s pretty decent actually.

Let’s make it clear that the idea of this initiative is to get people ONLINE with bare minimum specs, for communication purpose. Not for enjoying high end devices. That said – “if you can’t afford a smartphone, you don’t need rebates.Awang Ilyas

1) Alcatel 993D
2) Alcatel OneTouch Glory 2
3) Alcatel OneTouch Inspire 2
4) The Buzz Phone
5) HTC Wildfire
6) Huawei Ideos X3
7) LG Optimus L3
8) Ninetology Black Pearl II
9) Ninetology Palette
10) Nokia 2730
11) Nokia 7230
12) Nokia Asha 305
13) Nokia Asha 308
14) Nokia Asha 311
15) Nokia C2-03
16) Nokia Lumia 610
17) Samsung Galaxy Chat
18) Samsung Galaxy Mini
19) Samsung Galaxy Pocket
20) Samsung Galaxy Y
21) Sony Xperia Tipo
22) ZTE Acqua
23) ZTE V790

The Press Release is available at MCMC | Direct Download to PDF

*link was working about 4 hours ago before lunch, however not working at time of this article. Perhaps due to massive download by the nation. 😛

Luckily I have a copy 😀 Direct Download to PDF @

5 thoughts on “List of Devices for Youth Communication Package (Pakej Komunikasi Belia) Now Available

  1. i dont think this is necessary. just another way to benefit a crony. but it made us look a little bit more ridiculous in the eyes of the world. certainly we are one of the most entertaining countries. if bored, just google Malaysia and read about it’s government. so much entertainment

  2. Those bitching are those who want RM 2k phones but not happy no get 10% discount. Currently it’s about setting the basic infrastructure but I think (pardon my pessimism) that in Malaysia, the smartphone is likely to be put to idiotic uses more than anything else.

    eg buy at RM 500, discount RM 200. sell off at RM 400. profit RM 100 – go buy smoke. LOL. if not also camwhore and share to friends and such, among many other activities that are more entertainment rather than using it for actual progress or advancement in communication.

    So yeah, RM 300mil is better used elsewhere. Say provide improved food, water and shelter for the needy.

  3. too smart for their own good 😀
    but unless the gov can be transparent about what they do, which in this case was not, these kind of “aid” will only be ridiculed. not to mention the purpose behind the whole exercise. we all know they are just a poor attempt to get more votes. try to bribe the people but yet, even in bribing, they cant do it wholeheartedly

  4. I doubt this really helps, and I’m worried that if people get it without the right contract/plan, they’ll get burned. My mother recently raked up a RM 650 bill with her smartphone in 2 weeks before we noticed… somehow it might have accidentally been set to data… weird cause it was always set to not use data. Yes, the telco was willing to lower the bill to 240, but that is still quite a bit, especially for those who will apply for this (and actually use the phone).

    I think it would have been better to leave the upfront price alone, but to reduce the monthly price a bit. That way only those who apply and are approved will get to make use of it (for the thing it is meant for. Otherwise just hand out a cheque…).

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