Smartphone Discounts only for Phones under RM 500

During Malaysia’s 2013 Budget presented back in September, the government announced an RM 200 discount program for youths to purchase 3G-enabled smartphones.

I believe this has been thought to be a GREAT NEWS for many, especially those who are eligible to apply – Malaysian citizens aged 21 to 30 with a monthly income under RM 3,000.

The thought of having RM 200 off from an RM 1,850 Samsung Galaxy Note II would mean it’s only RM 1,650! Great isn’t it!!!

Well unfortunately this is not the case. WHAT!?!?!?

As seen at Amanz and – the youths eligible to participate in this initiative are only able to choose from the selected devices approved by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) which will not cost more than RM 500.

Source : MCMC | PDF Direct Download Link

An interesting to note – the “for illustration purpose” device on the flyer looks really sleek, it most certainly DOES NOT look like anything that’s under RM 1,000. 🙂 We have no news on the LIST of “Eligible smartphones” at the moment but for something under RM 500 – it’s no surprise that we’ll see “1Malaysia Talipon Pintar” in the near future.

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