Is the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Really Discontinued?

It’s funny though, I see many sites saying that Canon 5D Mark II is discontinued despite no official statement from Canon.

The best they could reference is to CanonRumours website that in the end, links to this page that lists Canon’s old EOS product range.

Sure, it looks like it’s discontinued ……… or is it?

Now if we explore the SAME website, there is another page that shows 5D Mark II as part of the product range. LINK : Product Page

Now, look at the Japanese text. The first 2 rows of cameras are in a section titled “製品ラインアップ” while the rest are in another section title “旧製品ラインアップ”

Note the word “旧製品” in the 2nd section, it means OLD PRODUCTS. So 5D2 isn’t in their OLD products range yet for this page.

So now, which page do you trust? The main “product page” or the “old products” page?


For me, I’ll trust the main “product page”. Until it’s gone from that page, we can then conclude that it’s discontinued.

In fact, is there a reason to discontinue such a great product? It sits nicely in between the 6D and 5D Mark III actually.

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