Intel Top ‘Big Bets’ for 2013 Infographic

2013 is here and Intel rolls the dice on 5 mobile trends “Bringing Down The House” at CES!!!

Infographic after the jump. 🙂

Just click on the image to your right to view the full Infograph. It’s not directly posted here because you can’t see the words in detail at the 500px width image.

That said, people want 5+ screens? I don’t have that many. I prefer KVMs.

6% of households with more than 15+ device – we’re talking about family then, where each one has a desktop, notebook, tablet, phone and er ……. MP3 player? 😛

Not so keen on the security part.

And I think gestures and motions will make me look stupid in public as I try to get the device to work. haha.

So what do you think? Are those details already here? Will they actually “Bring Down the House”?