GIGABYTE AERO range of notebooks comes to Malaysia

I remember seeing the GIGABYTE AERO range of notebook as far back as 2016 at Computex, they look great but to what I can remember they never made a proper entrance to Malaysia market.

GIGABYTE AERO range of notebooks comes to Malaysia 1

If you wonder what they look like in the past, check out this video and you’ll see the stark difference between then and now.

Fast forward 3 years later, now we have the AERO notebooks looking better than ever, I find the design of the AERO notebook is now more sleek – a serious notebook for work and play even base on looks alone.

GIGABYTE AERO range of notebooks comes to Malaysia 2

First Impression

2 things that immediately caught my attention, the first being the beautifully backlit keyboards and the second being the vibrant thin-bezel screen.

Upon closer scrutiny you’ll see that the products are very well specced, even with PCIe SSD and at a minimum an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Graphics system. The models have resolution up to 4K but the ones that sparked my fancy are the ones on a lower resolution and high refresh rates like 144Hz and 240Hz models.

I am definitely looking forward experience more of the new GIGABYTE AERO notebooks, I haven’t review their notebook for a long time.

Do visit their product page for more details.