Genius Enters Next Stage of Evolution, Debuts New Website

Genius, a leading global brand in digital devices that exude convenience, ease-of-use, highly-functional and great quality, is proud to enter a new phase in its lifetime with a shift in attitude towards a new global market by announcing it is fully equipped to launch modern devices and products to the market in the near future. To usher in this new era, Genius is introducing a completely overhauled website that encompasses the look and feel that the company wants to convey together with their product; convenience, ease-of-use, highly-functional and great quality.

Genius’ website adds new customer care and simplify customer relations. Genius now open a registration section called Genius ID which gives customers access to information on how to troubleshoot and return products when needed and also to receive updates from Genius about new products and special surprises. A dedicated section is available for users to easily diagnose and solve problems by themselves with the handy FAQ section.

The new Genius website highlights its core concept by giving convenience and ease-of-use via its mobile-friendly and completely responsive design allowing customers to view information anywhere and with any device. The website is also highly functionaly with Genius proudly launching its new website which serves as a platform for users and customers to easily view Genius product information faster and easier. Great quality is highlighted in the way Genius sorts the products into intuitive categories from touch pen, mouse, keyboard, audio and gaming gear and the creative design used makes it easy for anyone to understand Genius products. For further convenience, products are linked to Amazon for quick purchase links.

Details are presented with rich information and a highly-interactive 360 degree view of the product will give customers the feeling of being in a shop with details presented to you at your fingertips as if a sales person was guiding you personally. It’s a vivid feeling of having the Genius product virtually in your grasp, presented visually for the utmost practicality, quality and convenience like all Genius products are.

Genius Website : Click Here.