Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

With the sudden breakdown of my existing color printers, I decided to get a new one with limited budget – something that is able to print reasonable colored images without hurting my bank account and the lucky model selected is the Epson L310.

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

Going with the Epson brand was a matter of knowing that they do provide long years of support on their products, this is based on personal experience on how cartridges for old models are still available even when the product is EOL.

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

The Epson L310 is a simple unit, small and light and that makes it portable.

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

The Ink Tanks system here is nothing new, I’ve used one before but back then it was a 3rd party add-on and it didn’t work well with the setup I had. This time around it’s part of the package and all I had to do is to fill up all the tanks and get the system “ink charged”, after that I’m good to print.

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

The ink levels can be viewed from the side, do note that tank isn’t securely fitted to the main unit as it’s just hooked to the sides.

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

According to the official prodcut page the performance is as below.

Max Black Draft Text – Memo (A4): Approx. 33 ppm / 15 ppm (Black/Colour)
Max Photo Draft – 10x15cm/4×6″: Approx. 27 sec per photo (W/Border)
Photo Default – 10x15cm/4×6″: Approx. 69 sec per photo (W/Border)
ISO 24734, A4, Simplex: Approx. 9.2 ipm / 4.5 ipm (Black/Colour)

As for the inks
Black: 664 | 4,500 Pages Yield
Cyan: 664 | 7,500 Pages Composite Yield
Yellow: 664 | 7,500 Pages Composite Yield
Magenta: 664 | 7,500 Pages Composite Yield

User Experience

Setting up the Epson L310 is as easy as hooking up the necessary cables and get the ink charged, the charging processing takes some 20 minutes.

Now as for the prints, I took many tries (with inkjet paper of course) to figure out the best possible setting for print and with that same settings I tested the Epson L310 with a number of my photos that covers a good range of colors and here are my findings.

*Images on the center are the prints, they look better when photographed. 😛 *

Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer Review

All images turns out warmer than the original but as to how much warmer the print, it depends on the image. The image on the upper left for example turned out very close to the original, the one on the lower left and upper right is a little warmer and looks slightly dimmer.

The image on the upper middle for example is one that looks A LOT warmer on print that it looks like some Instagram filter (or warm filter if you may) was added to it. Lastly the image on the lower right with 2 characters, the output was so dim it’s unusable (Note : It looks nicer on photo than what it is).

The good news is that the print output looks great for diagrams and simple colored content.

The Verdict

The Epson L310 Ink Tank System Printer retails at around RM 449 and it comes with 2-years warranty while the refill ink bottles retail at RM 22 each.

I like the L310 very much, it’s not realistic to expect perfect image print when it’s a budget color printer but for what it’s worth, the Epson L310 can get the job done but the print output is subjected to the content. The only thing I didn’t like about it is the way the Ink Tank system is mounted to the unit of which I think should’ve been made more secure.

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