Flickr Holiday Gift

In case you didn’t know it yet – Flickr Pro account users are given 3 months extension to their account! A holiday season gift from Flickr!

Please enjoy 3 more months of Flickr Pro for free as our way of saying thanks this holiday season!

As a reminder, here’s what you get with Flickr Pro:

– Unlimited* uploads (up to 50MB per photo)
– Unlimited viewing of your entire photo library
– Post photos in up to 60 groups
– Download your original, high-resolution photos – whenever you need them
– Upload and play unlimited HD videos
– Browse Flickr completely ad-free
– View stats on your account

All you have to do is log in to your account and click the GET IT NOW button.

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  1. I was surprised I received the offer too even though I’ve not renewed my pro account for quite some time.

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