ECS Launches H110S-2P mini-STX Motherboard and New LIVA Pro Mini PC

ECS’s H110S-2P is Mini-STX form factor motherboard that extends high performance and flexibility to something as small as a hand. With the H110S-SP, ECS introduces also the new LIVA Pro mini PC that is based on the H110S-2P.


Mini-STX (147mm × 140mm) was defined by Intel® and ECS as the next generation form factor. It’s smaller than mini-ITX (147mm × 140mm) and reduce the layout space of the PCB by 29%. However, ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro still keep various design features and components on such a narrow and small space. You can choose any standard LGA115x CPU cooler to make the platform as cool as possible. It supports 6th LGA1151 Processors without special regulations products, as well. Just choose a suitable chassis to be a builder of a One-Liter computer with our mini-STX motherboard design.

ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro holds the philosophy of “Less is more” to make things easier. Both new products support Intel® LGA1151 TDP 65W CPU, flexibly and match with Intel® H110 chipset. Most important of all, the I/O is composed of SATA 6Gbps , USB 3.0 Type-C , GbE LAN , 802.11AC / BT 4.0 , Intel Dual-channel technology and RS232 Port. Dual display outputs are offered, in order to level up efficiency and productivity.

ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than ATX/M-ATX PC with lower power consumption and light volume case. Also, ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than Intel NUC SoC PC with various I/O, flexible CPU choice and strong performance. So, perfect satisfaction is guaranteed for your business/education/IPC solution needs when using the ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro.


First Impression

Things sure looks good here, it’s amazing how boards get smaller while being able to accommodate desktop processing power. The LIVA Pro MINI PC would work great for those who require processing power while wanting to reduce desktop clutter, one could even have it mount behind a monitor if they may.

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