DEEPCOOL Debuts TriStellar ITX Chassis Globally

GAMER STORM is a High-end brand of DEEPCOOL, serving gaming enthusiasts with products that have elegant design and great cooling performance. Adhering to these characteristics, DEEPCOOL releases the first GAMER STORM ITX chassis– TRISTELLAR.


TRISTELLAR disrupts the traditional concept of a PC case, splits components into three isolated cabins. Three “V” shape metal frames ensure TRISTELLAR has a reliable and solid structure. Besides the elegant appearance, it has great cooling performance by separating the most hit-generating parts. The latest gaming configuration provides an excellent choice to DIY PC enthusiasts.

Cabin 1. Graphic Cards


The top cabin supports full-length (up to 320mm) graphic cards, which is connected to motherboard by a short PCI-E extension cable. Preinstalled 90mm fan in front provides sufficient airflow. There are three 2.5″SDD bays with hot plugging (SATA) ports next to GPU.

Cabin 2. Motherboard


The bottom-right cabin supports a Mini-ITX motherboard, also leaves large space for CPU air cooler (up to 80mm) and120mm case fan, or120mm AIO liquid cooler.

Cabin 3. Power Supply


The bottom–left cabin is capable to accommodate a PSU up to 160mm length. Two 3.5″ HDD bays with hot plugging (SATA) ports and one 5.25″ HDD slot-load optical drive are furnished.

In addition, to connect components together, cables pass through a hollow aluminum spine to center of the ‘’V’’ shape frames, which comes with a LED power button. Below are the details for the casing.


Available in June globally, 2015 | MSRP: 399.99 USD

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