Computex 2014 – Day 0

It’s just a day before Computex and events are already starting all over Taipei. Brands like AMD, Asus, Acer, Intel and Dell already started off with announcements of their new products.

computex is sponsored by AMD and naturally, I’ll be reporting about what AMD announced today!

Unfortunately the information exposed to us to day are under NDA till the 4th but what I can tell you is that I am impressed at what was presented and what’s to come.


Yeah yeah I know it’s quite disappointed to read this article but hey, this is part of the reporting. 😀 We spent the morning with AMD’s key people to understand better the company’s direction for certain divisions.

Anyway if you’re interested to know more about my adventures in Taiwan, I update them on my Facebook profile – of course it’s for content that are not related to Computex.

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