Colorful Announces Sponsorship of APAC Overwatch Tournament

Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, proudly announces its participation in the Asia Pacific Overwatch Tournament (Overwatch APAC) is authorized by Blizzard Entertainment and held by Banana Gaming & Media. Located in Shanghai, China, it is the first offline Overwatch international invitational tournament in Asia Pacific. The event is set for 24 match days lasting from September to October. Overwatch team coming from all over the world would fight for a prize up to 1.65 million RMB.


There will be China online preliminaries, China qualifiers, and international matches. It is the first time that the top teams from North America will strike a pose on Chinese stage. At the same time, it is also the only gathering where the top teams from North America, China, Japan and South Korea fight with each other.

Banana Gaming & Media, wholly owned by Banana Culture Group who owns many of the top eSports operation and has abundant game industry assets, has held lots of top eSports tournaments and matches in China successfully.

Colorful, as a leading professional hardware company, keeps its mind on the idea “Game · Customization” and provides e-sports with its superior hardware and excellent service. This time, Colorful is invited as the official PC hardware sponsor of Overwatch APAC and will service the whole tournament professionally.

For more information, please visit Colorful’s official website: or come to Colorful’s official facebook page:

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