CES 2020 : Gigabyte Introduces New Monitor Line-up

GIGABYTE G27F, GIGABYTE G27QC and GIGABYTE G32QC showed up at CES 2020, marking yet another achievement from Gigabyte by not just having the AORUS line-up but now having more affordable monitors under the Gigabyte

While we do not have pictures of these products, we have the specs for all the models and features from AORUS models such as Black Equalizer, Aim Stabilizer and GameAssist are technologies also available on the Gigabyte models.

Gigabyte however seems to think users know the size of the model based on the name, while this is common sense I’m surprised they did not have such detail on the specs table.

In any case the G27F and G27QC are both 27″ 16:9 aspect ratio models, with the G27QC being the one with greater pixel density for crispier looking images. The G32QC on the other hand is a 21:9 aspect ratio model, think of it as G27QC being stretched to fit more pixels.

Parting Thoughts

Me no rich, me can probably afford only the G27F. The G27F should be sufficient to most people, Full HD on 27″ might seem big and yes it does and if you look closely the pixels do some to be a little blocky but if you’re playing fast paced games it shouldn’t be an issue at all.