ASUS Radeon RX 5700 models hit the market from RM 2,200 onwards

ASUS announced 5 new Radeon graphics cards while the ASUS Radeon RX 5700 model but over here in Malaysia there seems to be just 2 models available.

In comes the RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT models at RM 2,200 and RM 2,500 – yes you saw that right, that’s a jaw-dropper of a price tag. A reference model Radeon RX 5700 XT is typically priced at RM 1,859 so now for the ASUS model you’re paying almost 20% premium over it just to get the RX 5700 and around 35% more just to get the 5700 XT model.

Here are the pics.

INFO : Nothing wrong with the images below, ASUS just provided the photos of the card with super duper huge top and bottom margins. I didn’t realize that but well, take it as it is.

Now back to the cards, here are the models and their price.

– ROG-STRIX-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING is at RM 2,500
– ROG-STRIX-RX5700-O8G-GAMING is at RM 2,200

Both come with 3+1 year warranty, both at an insane price tag and get this – core clock not disclosed. Yes again you read that right, I can forward you the E-mail the CORE CLOCK is not disclosed for some reason.

On the positive note you DO get a very beautiful looking graphics card, it’s just not something one can really look forward do considering the undisclosed core clock speed and the super duper high price tag compared to the reference model.