Asus Padfone 2 Launch

Asus Padfone 2 Launch

Less than 6 month after the launch of Padfone – we now have the Padfone 2.

More details of the product at the official product page.

I like that it’s light weight, coming in at only 135g for the phone and 514g for the station. It’s much lighter than the 1st version that comes to nearly 1Kg in total.

It supports 4G LTE.

The phone has a 4.7inch screen (quite a lot bigger than my Google Nexus) at HD 1280×720 using Super IPS+ with Capacitive touch panel.

The Pad has a 10.1inch screen (WXGA 1280×800) using IPS with Capacitive touch panel. Both screens are Scratch Resistant Corning® Glass with anti-fingerprint coating

The camera is said to have 6 fps burst mode and capable of 720p @ 60fps. SonicMaster audio system is now part of the Padfone so that’s a plus!

All good things aside, I can foresee that I wouldn’t like the weight imbalance of the device as the first one. There’s the lack expansion for memory capacity.

The most disappointing part about this device is that it lacks the keyboard dock. 🙁

On other love / hate note of the device, the phone now slots directly into the pad without any cover. This means the phone is exposed when docked, and if not, the pad’s connections and other elemenets are exposed. On the plus side it’s a lot easier to dock, and the phone is held firmly in place so you need not worry of it dropping.

Price is at RM 2,799. Rather steep, considering there’s no dock for it.

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