ASUS & NVIDIA Gamers’ Gathering 2014


Gamers’ Gathering 2014 was held at Orange Esport Stadium (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur) over the weekend, an event organized by Asus Malaysia and nVidia.

The event aims to expose users of the beauty of nVidia’s Technologies.


There were some 45 attendees at this event, making up some 25% of the capacity of the Orange Esport Stadium. 45 is a very respectable figure, especially if you consider that Setapak isn’t exactly a friendly place when it comes to public transportation.

The respresentative from nVidia, Mr. Hugo Hsu (responsible for Desktop GPU Segment Sale) gave various presentation of the nVidia technology.

1. G-sync – synchronizing framerates to display refresh rates, eliminating screen tearing when framerate goes beyond screen limitation.

2. Shadowplay – put it simple, it’s a system-resource friendly way to record your gameplay. If you ever used FRAPS before, you’ll know how much your machine can slowdown during gaming.

3. Maxwell based GPU – offering good gaming performance at low power consumption. 🙂 Check out my review of the Asus GTX 750

Besides the nVidia technology showcase, the session also introduces Blacklight Retribution which is yet to be launched locally. This is also part of ASUS Malaysia collaboration with IAHGames.

Kudos to Asus and nVidia for organizing such an event!

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