Apple’s High-End and Low-End iPhone to Ship In September

According to WSJ, Apple is going to ship new iPhones next month. Yes, you read that right – iPhoneS <= with an S at the back, 2 variants this time. iphone

Besides having a low-end iPhone accompanying the premium grade smartphone, one of the most talked about news is that the iPhone will also come in gold color!

This is according to 9to5mac.

While many have called this new iPhone color “gold,” our source says that the color is more inline with the yellow fifth-generation iPod touch, but slightly lighter in texture. Some have called this “champagne” and that sounds about right. We’ve also heard that this gold model has a white front-face, so it won’t be a black and gold device, but rather a white and “gold/champagne” phone. It looks elegant, not cheap, the source said.

My Thoughts

While Apple’s move to make the low-end iPhone seems like a desperate move to regain market share or maintain sales momentum, I think it’s a great move for them as more people can enjoy the beauty of iPhone without breaking their bank.

As for the gold-color option for iPhone, I think it looks ugly but it could appeal to some.

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  1. I wonder why Apple chose to display a picture of an African person on the screen. I don’t think that Africa is Apple’s most important market for iPhones.

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