A Preview of the Upcoming Acer Switch 10 E

The Acer Switch 10 E is coming our way, set to launch next week. Price is not available at the time of this preview but based on sources over the Internet, my best guess is that it would be around RM 1.2K. Now enough of my introduction babbling, let’s move on with the details of the 10 E.

Starting with the exterior, it is of a textured hard plastic – less susceptible to scratch, no more finger-print magnet.

The Switch 10 E comes with a camera at the back.

In case you didn’t know it yet, the Switch series is a 2-in-1 system so with the Switch 10 E, the tablet module is detachable from the keyboard module.

The unit is held in place without any form of clip mechanism which I think is impressive, and it’s solid too.

A closer view of the keyboard.

The power button, volume buttons and the Windows button on one side.

The tablet comes with all things micro – Micro USB, Micro HDMI and Micro SD card reader, with audio output jack.

Full sized USB port is only available on the keyboard dock, and it’s only a USB 2.0.

Here’s are the other modes available for the Switch 10 E. As you can see the tablet module can be mounted on a different direction so the keyboard doesn’t have to come in close contact with the table.

Specs? Here it is. As for the screen, it’s a 10.1″ IPS display panel.

The model here comes with 32GB EMMC storage on tablet while 500GB storage is on the keyboard dock. There’s another model with 64GB on tablet but no storage on keyboard dock.

Other stuff worth mentioning is that the system now comes with Acer’s software to control low-blue light, adjust visibility depending on brightness of the surrounding and Acer’s SwitchLock that denies access to the dock storage when paired with not authorized tablet of the same model.

The Switch 10 E comes with 2 front facing speakers and also an 8060mAh battery that’s said to allow it up to 12 hours of operating time.

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