15th Anniversary of StarCraft – with In-game Achievement

Time flies, it’s been 15 years since StarCraft was released!

And to make it all memorable, just play a game of StarCraft today and receive this achievements.


😀 I did mine with a custom game vs AI, however the achievement doesn’t seem to be listed on my Battle.net StarCraft profile

How good is this game?

It’s the most fun Real-Time Strategy game I’ve ever played, it’s probably the most balanced and the most recognized as well, being the RTS game played in tournament.

Here’s my review of their latest expansion – Heart of the Swarm.

A top-level tournament game goes like this

Below was what the game looked like back in the 90s.

😀 Damn, not that brings back a whole lot of memories on how awesome this game is.

From a multi player perspective, it’s the most balanced game ever. No race is particularly strong or overwhelming.

From a single player perspective, the game is engaging and has a really well scripted storyline as the missions progress.

If you’re a StarCraft fan, check out CarbotAnimations on Youtube. I share it on my Facebook Fanpage each time they have a new animation. Playing the playlist of animation episodes always gives me a many laugh!

So, are you a StarCraft player? 😀

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