Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

As a blogger I do what I can to attend events that I find related to my blog.

In this case, 2 events were going on at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 1st June 2008.

The events were…

  • Canon – World of EOS
  • Stirring Odissi : The Exhibition

Canon – World of EOS

I thought well, since I’m coming to the Odissi exhibition I might as well drop by to have a look at the Canon – World of EOS as well.

I reached the place at around 3pm that day, bumped into my friend Travis who so happen to be there listening to Mr. Zung of The Photoz giving a talk on Wedding Photography, interesting an enlightening. I didn’t stay on for the whole talk as I was heading some place else.

Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

I wasn’t able to attend this World of EOS event a day earlier where there were more workshops, and my friend mengsuan manage to win some goodies. 😀

Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

It was a good event on showing people the power of photography. Sorry to say, the event was held for only a few days and ended just yesterday.

Stirring Odissi : The Exhibition

I got to know about this event through a photographer friend of mine, Suzanne Lee. It seems that the exhibition was featuring some of her photographs on Indian Classical Dance (Odissi) that she has been documenting since she began photography.

Basically Odissi is a classical Indian dance-form and it is celebrated through various forms of art – photography included.

The Exhibition is held at GALLERY PETRONAS, Level 3 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The exhibition started on 27th May and ends on 22nd June.

Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

I didn’t take any pictures of the exhibition in respect of organizers’ wishes. I did sought permission to snap, however I was asked whether I was from the media (which I was not) and was told “By right I’m not supposed to.” Nevertheless feel free to visit the gallery to know how the art was portrayed.

Thought of the Day

Many people of the digital age have a fixed mindset on what is a good photograph. People quite often judge a photo as BAD as long as it is out of focus or lack of sharpness or having high noise or being over and under exposed, so on so forth.

Photography Events at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Ironically, many beautiful photographs in art galleries and exhibitions as such quite often contain a lot of those “negative” elements. 🙂 Are we being picky? Or are we setting ourselves a new standard of how photographic art should be?

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  1. Well, most people tend to compensate their lack of artistic view with technical skills. It’s like comparing snail mail with electronic mail. Some people just can’t comprehend the romance/importance of hand written letters.

  2. Besides, one would always emulate their idol/professional photographer and hence, tonnes of criticism were given those (amatuers) who do not produce a good photo.

  3. Author

    I guess that’s why it’s called art. While common reviews of photographic equipment always highlights sharpness, image quality, color saturation and whatever else – there’s always opportunity for the lack of something to turn it into something ART. 🙂

  4. aiyo… missed out on the World of EOS event.. when is the next 1?

  5. I personally love to listen to every Mr. Zung and Saifulnang talk..

  6. Now the camera fight are go to speed… speed and speed as well as the other what goldfries mention… i personally is the EOS supportor.. 🙂

    When this kind of photography event will come to melaka?.. 🙁

  7. @kyLL
    Mr. Zung and Saifulnang are competitors in wedding photography but they really have a successful career in their own scope of photography.. They have clients not only from malaysia but outside of this country..

    I dont think that they will bring any talk to melaka.. But there is a group of photographer gather in melaka and share their opinion. And u can get some tips from them.. I meet them once in melaka like Syahrin aziz and Zainal Abdul Halim(REUTERS) student, Shaiful Rizal.

  8. Mr Zung and Saifulnang have their personal blog to public some sample wedding photos? i would like to have some review on it….

    Anyway .. all photographers have to go through a hard time before they can reach this pro stage..

  9. I dunno about zung but saifulnang have his own blog.. just google around and u will find it..

  10. Omg, the saifulnang website is just so great. I would like to add it in my bookmarks and slowly review his photos.

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