Love Photography? Keep Trying!

Love Photography? Keep Trying!

This has been my longest absence from, last article being 14th November 2011. After the article was published, I was busy with work and also as part of the organization committee of WPPM Conference 2011. And after the event ended, I spent the following weeks having a long break and also catching up with my business.

Now I’m back and hope I won’t go into an absence again. 😀 I thought I’d start off with a simple article to encourage all photography enthusiasts.

I would like to share about this image of mine that was recently given the “Award of Excellence” under the Non-wedding Journalism (Professional) category, at WPPM Print Competition 2011.

*No, I did not win the category. Award of Excellence meant the photo achieved a good score and was in the run to be the winner.*

Put it is simple, it was a pleasant surprise that my “early morning random shoot around before breakfast” photo was given the Award of Excellence.

*You can skip the next part if you don’t like boring stories.*

The Story Behind

The photo was taken was on 15th December 2010, at 9:39AM, a group of us from the local tech-media (based in Klang Valley) was on a one-day trip to Intel HQ in Penang. We were having breakfast at Penang’s famous Line Clear Nasi Kandar, a 24 hour stall in Penang located on the junction of Chulia Street and Penang Road.

Being a photographer, it comes as a habit to look around for anything interesting to photograph.

On the left of where I sat, were the wall and a group of tech-media guys mingling during breakfast- nothing spectacular. On the right however, was a scene of where an elderly lady was doing her chores. Surrounding her, as you can see, are clothes hung to dry and a motorcycle. Without hesitation, I took out my camera and took a shot of what I saw, one single shot ……

Love Photography? Keep Trying!

…. and I proceeded to take a bunch of other photos, including 3 shots of chairs and 8 shots of my breakfast place. hrmrmrhrmmm…… 😛

For those keen to know, I was using a Canon EOS 550D and an EF-S 15-85 lens.

Love Photography? Keep Trying!

What am I trying to say? I’m saying that if you like photography, just keep on shooting regardless what equipment you have.

It is of utmost importance to train your eye and your thought. Photography is art, and art is about the artist. Each photo you take can be a random snapshot, or could be an award-winning masterpiece! Imagine how I felt, when I found out my random snapshot became an award-winning masterpiece!

🙂 I think on my next article, I’ll share about how I train my eye and thought for photography. Would you like that? I hope you would.

Upcoming Events

1) I’ll be speaking at DCIM Show 2011 (Click link for details) on 23rd December 2011 at Midvalley Exhibition Center, 3pm. Topic will be “One Light Only” where I share how I work with only a single main light source to achieve commercial quality photos as seen in DreamsTime and ShutterStock.

2) As WPPM State Ambassador for Selangor, we’ll be arranging more Photo Critique sessions in 2012. WPPM Selangor Facebook Group

I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter as usual.

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