Light Painting for Figurine Photography

Here’s a quick guide on how I used light painting technique to achieve the photo below.

What is light painting? Light painting is a method of exposing your subject by moving a hand held light source while taking a long exposure photograph.

Advantage : Cost effective
Disadvantage : Consistency

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To sum up the video (in case you can’t play it….)

1. Use an LED torchlight, LED on phone, or an actual LED light.
2. Set your camera to long exposure.
3. Move your LED lights around.
4. Take note of your LED distance and angle – distance affects the lighting of the subject, and angle affects where the light falls on. Avoid the light falling on areas you don’t wish to have lights on (usually background)
5. Keep trying until you get it right!
6. How much light falls on which part of the subject depends on the duration of which you shine the light on the subject.