Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Canon’s D10 is an awesome camera for underwater photography. Check what the videos that I took while you’re here!


Being a camera made specifically for UNDERWATER adventures, the Powershot D10 comes looking like a submarine.

It’s sleek and rather cute oval look with a striking blue bezel. The bezel also comes in other color but this is the only one with us.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Unlike what you usually see in the Canon’s Powershot and Ixus range, the camera does not have an opening hatch where the lens protrudes as it is all covered by the waterproof enclosure already. This means that the camera remains the same when it is ON as when it is OFF, this also means it takes up quite a lot of space.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

The buttons, all are sealed against water, hence there are no zooming dials. There are 2 zooming buttons for that purpose, 1 for W and 1 for T (W = wide, T = tele).

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

As you can see, even the connector along the sides and the bottom compartment for memory and battery are well sealed.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Here’s a shot of the Powershot D10 in my aquarium. 😀

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

And here’s the screen underwater (I post processed the photo a little so that you can see the screen better).

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

For more details of this camera that is said to be SHOCK PROOF and FREEZE PROOF – visit the official product page or visit the microsite.

User Experience

Firstly, I must say that this camera is TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL for your average use. Average use, as in something you bring to a party, to a restaurant, to wherever you are – sure, it comes with a case but it’s still bulky as a whole. It barely fits into pockets, it almost certainly isn’t something you’d want to fill up your handbag space.

Aside that, the camera is really great for adventures that the others (like the other Powershot and Ixus) are not likely to survive. 😀 Rowing your boat and dropping it into the sea? No problem, it’ll survive…….. the problem is that it doesn’t float! 😛 So you’ll have to dive in and grab it before it goes like the Titanic. Bear in mind that the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters, which is pretty deep actually – perfect for Scuba Diving in most cases.

Too bad I didn’t manage to get my open water diving certification, and I’m not on holiday. So here’s a video that I took at a swimming pool near by.

The camera comes with white-balanced catered for underwater purpose, meaning it removes the BLUE spectrum of color. Use that above water and you’ll see everything is missing BLUE. Check out the next video.

No wide-screen mode for movie is a bummer, especially you’re capturing the beauty of underwater locations. 😀

Besides that, the White Balance looks alright. I tried taking photos of my toys under yellow lighting and Auto White Balance neutralized it quite well. I had to purposely set it to other mode if I wanted the yellow light as it is.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

Barrel distortions are quite apparently when on wide.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

After zooming, it looks alright.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

For those of you who are interested, here’s the image quality test.

Canon Powershot D10 Compact Camera Review

EXIF Data : f/4.9 | 19mm | 1/160 sec | ISO200

Apparently the sides seem to be a soft and showing some chromatic aberration while the center seems to show overall better sharpness and contrast.

My thought is that the supposed protective double pane glass on the case which was purposed to prevent condensation, is the cause of the drop in quality along the sides as the glass. Why? Remember that as the lens barrel moves inside the enclosure, the glass at the front doesn’t move. Not only that, it’s DOUBLE pane with air in between. So that’s like putting 2 layer of filter which is bound to have some effect in image quality. Better degraded image quality than to have problems with environment, right?

LCD is alright but when I was swimming – I couldn’t see a thing on it. 😀 Battery life was approximately 2.5 hours as I spam video recording.


With an RRP of RM 1,469.00 , it’s quite a hefty price to pay for a compact camera BUT do remember that it’s like buying a camera with underwater enclosure already. 🙂

I’d say this is a great camera if you’re a person who wants hassle-free and tough image capturing device that’s able to withstand shock, water and dust. Great for those who are always out on adventures.

goldfries recommended

For the family and casual user? Avoid this camera – it wasn’t made for you. Get yourself an Ixus or other of the Powershot family.

goldfries rated this product :


  1. Bagus.

    1. Gambar cantik (sharp).
    2. Senang nak handle.
    3. Tersedia ngan video cam.
    4. Ada pelbagai mood samada untuk dalam rumah, di pantai, pokok etc.
    5. Ringan.
    6. Boleh caj bateri tanpa cabut bateri dan letak di alat pengecaj. (tapi kabel kenal beli lain).
    7. Ada pelbagai design untuk cover kamera.


    1. Tak der case.
    2. Tak der penutup lens.
    3. Besar gedabak! Bayangkan kalau kita letak dalam seluar.
    4. Rekabentuk tak beberapa cantik.
    5. Aksesori kena beli berasingan.

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