SonicGear Pandora Lumo Review

SonicGear Pandora Lumo is a compact portable speaker that detaisl for just RM 35.

SonicGear Pandora Lumo Review

The image above is pretty much what there is to see about it. Being a portable speaker, it comes with a lanyard and a charging cable.

SonicGear Pandora Lumo Review

At the bottom you’ll see the TF-card slot and charging port.

SonicGear Pandora Lumo Review

more details at the official product page.

User Experience

The SonicGear Pandora Lumo sounds reasonably good for something this tiny, it’s not great – I mean seriously guys, this is an RM 35 item and you can’t expect much from it.

I’m just surprised to even hear any form of bass from this little fella and from my experience using it, the audio output turns out better once you close TF-card slot. Tape something over it if you may, you’ll add a bit more depth for mids and bass. It’s not much, it’s not like you’ll notice anything when you’re on the go but if you’re using it as your main set of speaker in private then why not, right?

Please, DO NOT blast portable speakers in public – be mindful of others.

The Verdict

The SonicGear Pandora Lumo retails at RM 35 – buy it if you need a portable speaker and don’t want to have something on your ears, because you like everyone else to listen to what you’re listening to. 😛 That being side, I’m sure there are also speakers out there with cheaper speakers with similar audio output in the market so the only reason left to buy this speaker is that you want the 1-year warranty from SonicGear.

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