beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

The beyerdynamic DTX 350 m is a compact on-ear headset for mobile devices but for what its worth, it’s actually great even for use with non-mobile setup.

beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

The DTX 350 m comes folded, that’s how you are supposed to keep it when on-the-go but looking at the headset itself, you are advised to be careful when it comes to storage.

It’s now that the DTX 350 m is of bad build quality but being a light-weight headset with foldable parts, it is only but common sense to exercise caution when it comes to storage as excessive force could just break it.

beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

The earpieces on the DTX 350 m are flexible and they are connected via flat-type cables that reach down to the connector.

beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

The earpieces are with leatherette padding, more on that later.

beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

Lastly we have the headband that’s also with leatherette padding.

beyerdynamic DTX 350 m Review

User Experience

As always with compact headsets, my expectations are set a little lower as I do not expect them to be great in sound reproduction. Furthermore the DTX 350 m here is an on-ear headset of which I’m not expecting much.

Being a product from beyerdynamic the DTX 350 m sure doesn’t disappoint, I’m in love the moment I put it on my head. There’s no brute pressure on my head and the ear pieces cups my ear so gently, and what surprised me next was the noise isolation. To put it simple, I never expected the noise isolation on an on-ear headset to be almost as good as over-ear headsets.

When it comes to audio reproduction, I was thoroughly pleased with the output as it turned out exactly the way I like. There’s good treble, rich bass and most importantly mid tones that are often non-existent in compact headsets.

I have however, 2 complaints about the DTX 350 m – first being that it lacks volume control, and the second being that once that the high pitch output (read : treble) is significantly reduced when running at lower volume, this means that at lower volume the audio output is bass heavy.

The Verdict

The beyerdynamic DTX 350 m retails at around RM 250, it isn’t perfect but what you get in terms of portability, comfort and audio quality at this price point makes the DTX 350 m is almost unbeatable (I know you guys will have your recommendations, they’re all welcome!).

Do remember to check out the official product page.

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