NZXT HUE+ Advanced PC Lighting Review

The NZXT Hue+ which is an Advanced PC Lighting system that’s made to be highly configurable in both setup and lighting.

NZXT HUE+  Advanced PC Lighting Review

The Hue+ comes with a controller hub with white LED indicator, 4 strips of RGB LED and a host of cables for connecting the strips to the hub.

NZXT HUE+  Advanced PC Lighting Review

NZXT HUE+  Advanced PC Lighting Review

Unlike the common LED strips, the ones from NZXT’s Hue+ are modular, meaning you are able to connect them in various ways. For example you could link up all 4 of them into a long piece of LED strip or have them split into other configurations like say 1 on a the 1st channel and 3 on the other, or go with 2 by 2 configuration. The hub supports 2 channels and each channel can be linked up to 4 combined strips.

NZXT HUE+  Advanced PC Lighting Review

Here are lighting options available and what’s neat about the Hue+ is that each channels can be assigned their own behavior, for example you can have Channel 1 set to breathing while Channel 2 set to fixed. You can set the LED to be reactive towards the system, such as the CPU and GPU temperature reading, or based on audio output.

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The Verdict

The NZXT Hue+ retails at RM 285 and it’s certainly worth spending on, it’s definitely the best RGB LED lighting system I’ve used. It’s highly flexible for setup, and highly configurable for effects, and even works for practical purpose.

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