MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

Besides the low-cost 770-C45 for the AMD setup, MSI also has the H55M-E33 for the LGA1156 setup.

The Appearance

It’s a Micro-ATX board. It’s small, and doesn’t have many expansion slots. Not an issue anyway, most of us just use 1 slot.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

The area around the processor socket is not adorned with any fancy heatsinks. Plenty of clearance for 3rd party heatsink.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

Here are the DDR3 slots, along with ATX and IDE connector.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

Small and neat heatsink for the southbridge.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

This part I like – it comes with a beep already, so there’s no need to attach any external PC speaker to it. I also like it that they have 2 SATA slots facing outwards and having the OC switch at a nearby convenient corner, unlike the one in 770-C45 where it is easily obstructed by any PCI-E graphic card with a larger than usual heatsink.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

Lastly the back. VGA, DVI and HDMI output are all there for you, with ample USB port among many other things. 🙂 Lovely, yes it has onboard graphic capability BUT only with processors that support the feature.

MSI H55M-E33 Motherboard Review

More Details on specification and bundle are available at the official product page.

User Experience

Nothing much to say about this board. OC switch works, although I felt like the OC direction is opposite of the 770-C45 but it’s a small matter.

Overall the board is small (obviously, a Micro ATX board it is) and works as it should. I’ve no other request from it, other than wishing that it could be cheaper. 🙂 Maybe I’m asking too much.


Good board, value for money for anyone who wants a low-cost setup. Just slap on a processor like the Pentium G6950 or Core i3-530 and it’s ready to run.

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  1. nice board , but still , for me , micro-atx is so not cool . i want more slots! my asus sabertooth p55i works well! =)

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