Intel® SSD 330 Series (180GB) Review

The 330 range of Intel SSD is one of Intel’s new generation SSD that uses flash controllers made by SandForce instead of the ones by Intel.

And here’s the result of the test using CrystalDiskMark.

Other reference result : TechPowerUp.

For more details of the drive, please visit the official product page.

The package comes with
– 3.5 inch adapter bracket and screw
– SATA cable
– molex to SATA power converter
– a sticker. 😛


The 180GB version comes at about RM 440, which is pretty good value for money. Bear in mind, a typical 60GB SSD costs about RM 230 so that’s getting 3x the space for less than 2x the price. Furthermore, Intel is best known for reliability among the many brands producing SSD.

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6 thoughts on “Intel® SSD 330 Series (180GB) Review

  1. I am interested to know how quiet is this drive. I know that the motors in a SSD HDD are more quiet than other HDD, but is it really that noticeable?

  2. SSD does not have motor. It utilizes NAND technology.
    So, it is basically made up of NAND chips + controller, similar to memory cards.

  3. @kingking: I am not so sure about that. If what you say is correct then the manufacturer would not have used the word “Drive”. If it was truly motor less then it would have been called an SSS (Solid State Storage).

  4. The word DRIVE is not an indicator of a device being motorized. It’s just a term used for storage medium. For example we just say C: Drive, DVD Drive, Flash Drive, USB Drive. Note how Flash Drive and USB Drive has the word ‘Drive’ despite not being motorized.

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