Kingston SSDNow V300 (120GB) Solid State Drive Review


The result from CrystalDiskMark.


Now if you compare the stats with the Intel 330 series that I reviewed – they’re quite similar, in real life conditions they perform no differently.

For more details of the drive, please visit the official product page.


The drive is available at RM 299 but it doesn’t come with an installation kit, and yet it costs more than the Intel 330 series of the same size that comes with an installation kit (RM 269)! I didn’t buy an Intel 330 series because I already have one, so I thought to give Kingston’s drive a spin.

On the plus side, the sequential read speed is extremely close to the rated speed from the product page. Intel’s 330 series on the other hand, falls quite far short from what’s seen on their product page.

Overall, still a good product.

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