Intel Core i5-540M Processor Review

Intel Core i5-540M Processor Review

The i5-540M is not a processor that’s available off the shelf since it’s a MOBILE processor, let’s see how this processor found on the Dell Dell Inspiron 15 fares.

The Processor

The Core i5-540

Here’s the CPU-Z capture of the processor specification.

Intel Core i5-540m Processor Review

Test Setup

For this article, I’ll be comparing the i5-540M to the i3-530. Please note that TURBO-BOOST technology was enabled on the notebook. Admittedly a slight oversight on my part. Nevertheless it should be affecting only Super PI.

Super PI 1.5 Mod

The value chosen for Super PI was 1M.

i5-540M i3-530
16.262 14.508
* Lower the better


Processor i5-540M i3-530
Single CPU 3065 3323
Multiple CPU 6570 7511

Works out just as I thought. The higher clocked i3-530 is still faster.

PCMark Vantage

i5-540M i3-530
6353 5392
* Higher the better

Fritz Chess Benchmark

Processor i5-540M i3-530
Relative Speed 9.86 10.93
Kilo Nodes/second 4733 5246

Operating Temperature

No details here, since it really depends on the notebook’s cooling. You may refer to the Dell Inspiron 15 review.

Concluding Thoughts

Based on the notebook review – it’s a damn powerful processor for a mobile computer but it’s quite a power drainer too.

You win some, you lose some.

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