Intel Core i3-2100 Desktop Processor Review

Intel Core i3-2100 Desktop Processor Review

Yet another Intel processor you say? Yes, it’s the Core i3-2100. Let’s keep it simple………..

Intel Core i3-2100 Desktop Processor Review

More details at the official product page.

The Benchmarks

Canon Digital Photo Professional

Converting 16 18 megapixel RAW file (CR2 format) into JPG format.

CPU Time Taken
i3-2100 191 seconds
i7-2600K 115 seconds
i5-2500K 125 seconds
A8-3850 177 seconds
X6 1100T (6 core @ 3.3ghz) 156 seconds

The i3 being dual-core processor with 4 threads (2 threads per core) can’t compare with the rest. The i5, A8 and X6 are all processors that are assigned 1 thread per core, the i7 on the other hand has 2 threads per core BUT it’s also the powerhouse among the lot – all of them have processing advantage over the i3.

Arcsoft Media Converter 7

Converting a 1 minute 47 second video taken at 1080p 25fps from a Canon EOS 550D to H264 1280×720 (720p) video.

CPU Time Taken
i3-2100 36 seconds
i7-2600K 37 seconds
i5-2500K 37 seconds
A8-3850 41 seconds
X6 1100T (6 core @ 3.3ghz) 44 seconds

I’m surprised to see the i3 worked so well, even without Turbo Boost.

Operating Temperature

Processor i3-2100 i5-2500K
Idle 36°C 38°C
Load 50°C 51°C

The i3-2100 runs a little cooler than the big brother i5-2500K.


It’s a good processor, value for money and as you can see – keeps up pretty well with the rest of the processors. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a great processor to go with – even for computer gaming. It’s still a lot faster than many processors out there and it only lags behind the competition when pit against processor intensive application. In such cases, the threads would be competing for the core’s attention. 🙂

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