HyperX (Kingston) Predator 2400Mhz DDR4 Desktop Memory Review

Not an unfamiliar name in the PC components industry, Kingston’s HyperX range has a huge range of DDR4 kit available in kits of 4.

HyperX (Kingston) Predator DDR4 Desktop Memory Review

While 2400Mhz speed isn’t something new, it’s just one of the speeds available for DDR4, the lowest being 2133Mhz and it can go as high as 3000Mhz. Another beauty of DDR4 is that it runs on much lower voltage than DDR3 counter parts, around 1.2V to 1.35V instead of the usual 1.5V to 1.65V range.

Below is the XMP profile as seen on the UEFI.

HyperX (Kingston) Predator DDR4 Desktop Memory Review

What’s awkward is that the rated timing shown on HyperX website is 12-13-13 for 2400Mhz but that’s not what’s shown on the UEFI. For my tests, I had the system run it based on the timings shown on the website. 😀

User Experience / Benchmarks

The HyperX (Kingston) Predator 2400Mhz DDR4 works great out of the box passes the test easily, which is expected of course. Try as I may to overclock the memory, I just couldn’t get it to work well with higher speed nor timing.

HyperX (Kingston) Predator DDR4 Desktop Memory Review

Here’s the benchmark seen on AIDA64

HyperX (Kingston) Predator DDR4 Desktop Memory Review

The Verdict

The HyperX Predator4’s retail price varies, around RM 1,000 for the 16GB (4x4GB) kit while 32GB Kit (4x8GB) retails at around RM 2,000. Yup, a 32GB kit costs almost as much as the price of an Intel Core i7 5820K and an X99 board combined.

The heatsink for the HyperX Predator4 is quite tall but it shouldn’t be a problem considering the X99 boards are often with quite some clearance around the CPU socket.

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