Huawei Matepad Pro Review

The Matepad Pro is the flagship tablet from Huawei, only recently superceded by the newer Huawei Matepad Pro 5G. The Huawei Matepad Pro retails at RM 2,399.

The Huawei Matepad Pro has a 90% screen to body ratio with a 4.9mm narrow bezel.

The 10.8″ screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution comes with 10 points touch, and most importantly the IPS panel display being impressive when it comes to delivering colors that are accurate.

The lock button and volume buttons are located near the corner of where the camera is.

Video samples are found in the video review below, I recommend that you head over to watch the video review as it’s more detailed.

The 7250mAh drains just about 1% per minute when watching 4K UHD video and charging with the bundled charge is also about 1% per minute.

The beautiful colors on the screen makes it an absolute joy for content consumption on the Huawei Matepad Pro, furthere more the Huawei Matepad Pro comes with Harman Kardon speaker system and has 2 speakers placed on each side to provide loud and good quality audio.

The Huawei Matepad Pro has also been a huge help in my line of work, besides being a mobile device that allows me to work easily, it also helps as a secondary screen when I’m doing Live Streaming and it’s also a display unit that holds my notes and keypoints when I’m doing presentation.

The only concern when it comes to using the Huawei Matepad Pro is that it lacks Google Mobile Services, this might be an issue for those of you who are reliant on Google. As for me, the usage of the table is fine as it is without using any services from Google. I access my Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp via Web Browser interface.

The Verdict

I find that the Huawei Matepad Pro is a great device, couple that with the keyboard and pencil and you have an absolutely winner. The deal breaker in the end is not the product (hardware) itself but rather the software as it does not come with Google Mobile Services.

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