Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

Extension Optical Mouse? What exactly is an Extension Optical Mouse?

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

Before we go into detail about this “Extension” thing, here’s what the mouse looks like when you’re gaming in the dark.

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

The gaming mouse doesn’t have weight system but comes with 5 keys, and up to 3200 DPI resolution. It has 64k memory and can be customized (eg lights) with Gamdias’ HERA software.

Here’s what they mean by “extension” – the full sized mouse is actually an extension of the original mouse body. The extension is made by attaching an add-on shell to the rear end of the mouse.

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

As you can see, the shell is hollow so it doesn’t add significant weight to the original body itself.

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

More details at the official product page.

User Experience

Without the extension, the mouse is small and portable, a very good size to lug around in your back for on-the-go gaming purpose. Even the click is easy and in a way, rather subtle that it doesn’t sound too loud or distinct.

With or without the extension, the button on the right is not easily accessible as they designed the mouse to be symmetrical.

The size is quite small, even a small palmed person like myself could feel that it’s rather narrow, more narrow than most other mice in fact. Just have a look at the first photo and you’ll see what I mean.

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

The plus side of being symmetrical is that left-handed mouse users can use it, but of course if you’re a left-handed user then your pinky still won’t reach the other button. 😛

My main issue with this mouse is the extension.

Gamdias Apollo Extension Optical Mouse (GMS5101) Review

You see, a mouse typically has mouse feet right at the edge of the mouse, towards the tail end. This is to support the weight of the resting palm, and allowing the mouse to glide smoothly across surface without having to scrap the chassis.

This is not the case with the Apollo as the extension isn’t all that firm to begin with. Once the extension is on, the mouse feet’s position is now changed to the mid-section. This affects the gaming experience as the weight of the palm will press the extension downwards, and movement will cause it to scrape the mouse pad, resulting in a bumpy ride.

I also didn’t like their rather thick USB connector heads.

The Verdict

The Apollo retails at RM 139 which I think is reasonable, considering the mouse’s size and features.

goldfries recommended

My recommendation is only for people who want a small gaming mouse, or a mouse that’s for gaming on-the-go. For all other gaming purpose or people with palms that are not considered small – you’re better off looking at other options.

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  1. that extension piece actaully looks like a good idea.. too bad im happy with my R.A.T mouse..

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