FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

Are you a victim of having to lug around notebooks on a daily basis? The FSP Twinkle 65 might be just the product to lighten your burden.

FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

Within the package are
– the adapter
– changeable plugs (2 types)
– 8 connector heads
– pouch
– manual

FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

Here’s a closer look at the adapter unit and connector heads.

FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

And just how small is the FSP Twinkle 65? I hope this photo is enough a comparison.

FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

Or how about this one?

FSP Twinkle 65 Universal Notebook Adapter Review

More details at the official product page.

Here’s my video for the adapter, in case you’re interested.

User Experience

The Twinkle 65 is an amazingly small adapter and I wish something like this was invented earlier. 😀 It’s so lovely, now my smaller bags have a lot more space to spare!

While the Twinkle 65 comes with 8 connector heads, your actual usage would most likely be relying on just one unless you’re lugging around more than one Notebook computer.

The only down side to the Twinkle 65 is the limitation, for example the I have a Lenovo G50-70 and an ASUS Tranformer Book Trio that happens to fall under the 0.1% of the devices with non-compatible power socket. 🙁 Hopefully FSP will release add-on packs for the Twinkle, and perhaps include a 3-pin British plug as well. Sure, the 2-pin works fine but a 3-pin plug would make it a lot more convenient.

The Verdict

The FSP Twinkle 65 is a compact, lightweight and convenient adapter that retails at RM 119, now available in Malaysia.

Why should you get one? If you’re one who is always on the go, I’m sure there are times where you left your notebook adapter in the office or at home, resulting in a temporary down time. The FSP Twinkle 65’s small and lightweight nature makes it the perfect notebook adapter to accompany you wherever you go so the main (heavy) notebook adapter stays put at the office while the Twinkle 65 will be the one you carry around with you.

Besides eliminating the hassle of having to detach and store the large adapters in your notebook case, you now carry a notebook adapter that’s frees your bag space and lighten the load on your shoulders.

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