Edifier R1010BT Review

I’ve always love bookshelf speakers but the really good ones are pretty costly, and here we have the lower cost option which is the Edifier R1010BT – does sound as good as it looks?

Edifier R1010BT Review

Before I share my user experience, I wish to highlight that the wood texture on the Edifier R1010BT Review isn’t as yellow as seen on the first image on the official product page, scroll down further you’ll see that it’s is more towards the red side which matches the pictures you’ll see in this review.

As with any respectable speaker, the Edifier R1010BT has a detachable front cover and it has a bass driver that’s 4 inch (106mm) in size while the treble driver at ?13 mm. As you can see also, each speaker has 4 rubber feet and at the side it’s actual solid wood while in the middle it’s textured surface which I believe is PVC material.

Edifier R1010BT Review

On with the rear, you’ll see that both speakers have a reflex port at the top and at the bottom there’s the wire connectors.

Edifier R1010BT Review

Here’s a closer look – you’ll see that there’s the knob for bass, and there’s the knob for volume. It supports 2 line-in connection and a Bluetooth connection.

Edifier R1010BT Review

Below are the specs as seen in the official product page.

Edifier R1010BT Review

User Experience

Setting up the speaker is easy, Bluetooth is enabled by pressing the VOLUME button of which I think is a little troublesome considering the volume button is at the back.

I’d like to point out that you should note that the volume via 3.5mm connection may vary from Bluetooth so it’s advisable to go with lower volume before initiating any form of playback, I had a few shockers myself.

As for the audio output itself, the quality is good but the controls are extremely limited. Note that there’s only bass and treble drivers so how you adjust the bass level will affect midtones. I noticed that the bass is best left around the middle point and if that’s not satisfactory then there’s only 2 options – don’t use the speaker, or use an equalizer. 🙂 I managed to fine-tune it to my liking by using software equalizer, having boost the frequency range around the mid and treble area.

Another thing I noted that the speaker shines when the output is loud, anything medium or soft and ughhhh the output just loses its flair.

The bundled connector wide is more than 2M in length which is sufficient for one to place it at good distance apart, but the color of the cable isn’t attractive. I think a solid black wire colored cable would make it look better.

The Verdict

The Edifier R1010BT retails at RM 249 and comes with 1-year warranty, it’s a solid speaker not just physically but in terms of output. It’s not the best but what I like is that the output is good enough that a little effort in fine-tuning will make it work, well at least it worked for me.

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