Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Review

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

This is probably a brand unheard off to many but as enthusiasts, you may have come by Ducky’s range of products for quite some time. They’re known across the globe for their mechanical keyboards.

Truth be told, I wasn’t aware of this brand either as I’m particularly interested in keyboards. When I received the review unit, I was like “WTH? Ducky? Isn’t that the name of that cute dinosaur in Land Before Time?”

Regardless, the unit with me is as per the title – the DK9008G2. My unit does not come with interchangeable keys, key remover nor palm rest. Just the keyboard and USB cable.

How do I know it’s Cherry MX Brown? It’s labelled there on the box.

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

Wait, so what is Cherry MX Brown?

Cherry MX Switches

Cherry Corportation is a German company that manufactures Cherry MX switches found in keyboards like the Ducky DK9008G2. Here’s a link to their MX switches page, and here’s a guide to mechanical keyboard switches. 🙂

They have black, blue, brown, red and white switches and these colors actually indicate the nature of the switches, for example brown switches have non-audible click and has tactile feedback.

The Keyboard

The shortcut keys …..
– calculator launches the calculator application.
– PC launches the COMPUTER folder (same function as click Start in Windows, and click Computer)
– e-mail button launches the default E-mail application.
– the HOME button launches the default web browser, and if the default browser is already open. It will bring the user back to the “Home page” (the default page loaded by browser upon launch).

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

It’s great that the shortcut keys are placed at the corner, it’s not only convenient but it’s also easy to press as it’s just like any of the keys found on the keyboard. However being at the corner near the mouse and easy to press means you’ll encounter the “accidental home” scenario. 🙁 I’ve tried the keyboard on my gaming rig, with Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 running. I pressed the HOME key and it went to desktop as the system launches the browser.

Bummer on that one, and even more bummer that I can’t disable that button.

The markings for the keyboard characters aren’t good either. My Logitech Internet Keyboard lasted me more than a decade and there are absolutely NO missing markings on any of the keys. The Ducky DK9008G2 on the other hand, has already shown signs of wear within a month usage. Look at the image below, notice how my R SHIFT and L key are a bit faded?

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

Underneath we have the socket for USB connection, it’s horribly designed, thus requiring more effort to connect the USB. If you did not raise the keyboard’s height, then the cables have only a center and 2 other grooves on each side for the cable to exit the keyboard frame.

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

I didn’t like the stand as seen in the picture below, the degree raised is very slight. On the plus side of the picture, the keyboard comes with rubber padding to ensure steady foothold on the table.

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

Caps lock and Scroll lock keys are lit with blue LED.

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

Function keys 9 to 11 are lit with red LED, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to light up every time you click those function keys. You’ll have to press the FN key (refer to the earlier photo) to enable the F9 to F11 keys.

FN + F9 = Windows key lock.
FN + F10 = left CTRL and capslock swap location.
FN + F11 = WIN + ALT key swap location.

I have no idea when would I need to swap those key locations. F1 to F7 keys on the other hand are multimedia functions, as in volume controls and track navigation. Just as the other function keys, you’ll have to combo with the FN button to work.

Great feature to have but unfortunately FN key is only on the right side of the keyboard so FN + F1 requires 2 hands to execute, unless you have a really huge hands.

Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard


It’s a plain looking no-nonsense keyboard, pretty much like any other ordinary sub RM 100 keyboards but truth be told. Behind the ordinary look, it’s a solid keyboard (heavy too, at 1.4 kg) and it has Cherry MX mechanical switches that are rated to 50 million operations.

One thing to add is that its key feature is the USB N-Key Rollover (NKRO) that allows you an unlimited number of keystrokes at the same time, which could be important to gamers.

In actual operation, the only actual weakness I found on this keyboard is when I’m at Windows Error Recovery screen – I can’t use that screen! Press any key to select the available options or even to press ENTER and the system just stops there. I thought it was an OS issue but swapping to my Dell keyboard and I can navigate the options just fine.

Design flaws aside, the keyboard works great as it is. Keys area responsive and comfortable to press. Shortcut keys and multimedia controls are always a welcome. The keyboard’s RRP is about RM 400 and you should be able to find it it cheaper at retailers, in the end it’s all about whether you deem it’s worth forking out nearly RM 400 for a mechanical keyboard over the average non-mechanical keyboard for RM 150 or less.

goldfries recommended

4 thoughts on “Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Review

  1. Cherry switches are good. So were the old Honeywell switches.

    I wish there was an ergonomic keyboard like the old Microsoft Natural keyboard that used Cherry switches. I can’t use a standard layout keyboard quickly because I have used a curved keyboard for so many years that my muscle memory is burned in. I would pay handsomely for a backlit curved keyboard with Cherry switches. Sadly no such animal exists.

  2. Try the Cherry G80-5000 ergo plus.
    They go for a ton of money in ebay.

    Since you mentioned “pay handsomely”

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