Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

Since I setup a my new gaming rig last year, I’ve not found a suitable fan controller – that was until I encountered the Deepcool Rockman, a compact fan controller.

The Appearance

Sleek black panel and knobs that matches practically any black casing, the Rockman is a no brainer when it comes to installation and usage.

Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

I can’t describe it any better really. It’s as what you see in the photos.

Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

The back panel comes with 3 connector ports for the fan, and 1 molex connector for the power.

The Bundle

Just the fan controller and 3 cables for you to extend or change the fan’s power connector type. And yes, a very simple installation guide……… because it’s easy to install fan controllers. 😛

Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

Installation & Operation

Installation of this device was a breeze, it’s light and easy to manage. Pop it on any of your available 3.5″ bays or 5.25″ bays and get the power and fan connectors in place and you’re ready to use.

I mounted it on my 5.25″ in bay, held by the 5.25″ to 3.5″ adapter that came with the casing. It looks nicer when I place it up on top, along with the POWER / HDD LED and also the Coolermaster Musketeer.

Deepcool Rockman Fan Controller Review

Yes guys and gals, the Musketeer is just a deco on my rig. 🙂 Notice the banner for the PC Buying Guide? That’s my other rig (formerly my main rig) with a Vantex Nexus fan controller and another Coolermaster Musketeer.

Oh my I’m straying………. anyway, enough of my rig stories. Here’s *drum roll please!* MY FIRST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! Yup! And a first on articles too! 😛 I’ll be using video more often from now, after all what better way to demonstrate the SOUND ACTIVATED LED!

No speech? Yeah, maybe next time. 😛

Anyway controller #1 allows you voltage variance of 7V to 12V while #2 and #3 allow to reduce voltage to 0V to 12V! That means 2 of the controllers allow you to reduce fan speed until 0 RPM, which is really sweet. 🙂 I think there’s no need to elaborate further on the 4th knob, which controls the light on the controller.


I like this device very much.

The small size of this device allows more option on how it could be mounted. 🙂 If you’re into case-modding, perhaps you could try mounting it on the top of the casing if space allows. The ability to off the fans and off the light is a plus too.

And what I like most is that it’s cheap, you should be about to get it at around RM 60. Price varies among sellers.

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  1. Hi bro!

    I might want to get a fan controller but I’m not sure whether I should get the Deepcool Rockman or the Sunbeam Rheobus ><

    Any ideas?


  2. Author

    I think either one is fine. Rheobus is nice too but limited to 5.25 inch. Rheobus can control more fan.

  3. Wahhhhhhhhhhh i was looking high n low for a fan controller for my super hi flo super loud radiator fans the past few days. No1 in LYP got nice basic fan controllers like this 1. I remember seeing a similar 1 by Zalman last time but now no more. Almost bought the Zalman MFC2 today but when I found the Fan Mate1 for only rm17, I bought that instead.

  4. U gonna check out which 1? The Zalman MFC2? I so wanted it but the price a bit painful at rm199. Also, the electricity consumption meter of the MFC2 probably not enough coz it only measures up to 800W n my monster rig guzzles more than 800W while gaming. It has a puny PSU wire for connecting to the PSU too, scared the thing overheat n burn when my DA1200 is pumping out full power. 🙁

  5. i’ve just bought a rockman after read your review.
    got a question, is the 1st knob more “rough” to turn than other knobs?

  6. Author

    all my knobs are the same, just that one of it seems a little tighter to turn. 😛

  7. Mine has a “PWM IN” header at the back, i wonder what it is for?

  8. i got it for RM45. i also like the sound activated led’s.when u have a woofer u really can see the lights flashing like on a equalizer.

  9. Great blog, bookmarked for later use.

  10. @Mark
    can any1 help me where 2 find dis fan controller?
    which shop sell it if @ LYP?

  11. New edition with PWM control its makes better than before

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