Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

I used to own a Cooler Master Pulse-R which is a headphone that I had many fond memories with, moving to today I now have the MasterPulse Pro which incidentally has the word ‘PULSE’ on it – does it make my pulse go faster? Yes, not always in a good way though.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

The headset is as what you see here, the design no longer uses extendable earpiece but it now uses the commonly seen headband design. Red colored flat cables are visible as it connects between the pieces.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

This is the earpiece and it comes with a removable cap that is supposedly for the BASS FX feature of which it is ON when you have it closed. I’ll talk about this in a bit.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

The removable cap is secured magnetically and one thing great about this is that you can customize it, the Cooler Master logo on the cap is transparent and there’s backlight on the Cooler Master logo on the earpiece.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

Firm paddings with PVC-like surface make it great for sound isolation and the paddings are comfortable, just remember to open it from time to time to ventilate.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

Oh and here’s the headband, since I already took the picture we might as well have it in the article.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

This is the controller unit, it allows you to control the volume, mic, the surround system, lights and even output profile. The MasterPulse Pro here works only with USB connection.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

User Experience

Let me start by saying how disappointed I am with Cooler Master’s non-existent manual. Sure, they have the manual available at the official product page but the said manual is a sorry excuse of a manual that doesn’t even tell users HOW to get things done.

For example, how does one change the RGB lights? What options do I have? What’s the profile selection for? I see that there’s blue, red, purple and none but what are they for and what’s the sound supposed to be like?

After Googling around it seems that the RED profile is for gaming and from what I can hear it boost the bass. The BLUE profile is for movies with the audio sounding compressed and lastly the PURPLE one is for music where there’s increase on the treble.

Can you believe that? I had to look around for other articles just to figure that out, and as for the RGB lights – apparently you change it on the button on the controller and you’re limited to the set of light colors provided and one that cycles to though the colors – Not exact what I find customizable or actually RGB.

The saving grace for the Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro is that it has a polished software, I’m just disappointed that the software doesn’t have an option for LED color customization.

I like the software for 2 main reasons – one being the equalizer, though I must say it’s poorly done as the changes doesn’t translate well to the output. Sure it does make a difference but the difference is something that’s quite limiting in the audio spectrum. I don’t mind having just 5 bands but moving the bands up and down didn’t have that great an impact as I expect from an equalizer software.

While it’s far from perfect, I’m just happy that there is an option for me to fine-tune.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

The one that I’m quite impressed is their audio positioning feature, the audio position does move around. What I find lacking is that once you shift it’s pretty difficult to make the speakers align in symmetry as there is no indicator.

Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro Headset Review

Praises aside, the software is poorly made. After installing the software resides in your computer but has no shortcut to it. I had to manually locate the software to run. 🙁

And the settings on the software? Sorry, they DO NOT get saved into the headphone. You must run the software to run the settings you like, for example the audio equalizer.

Now as for the audio output, the headphone works fine for gaming. You might prefer the RED profile if you’re into loud booms. Go with the PURPLE one if you’re into something with less boom and has higher pitch.

Below are my findings for the audio profiles ….
BLANK (default) – apparently this seems to be the one with best audio output, with the bass on the higher side and slightly lack of mid tones while having treble is sufficient. There’s a slight echo which may actually break the experience, depending on your expectation.

RED – increases bass output, sounds nice if you’re into bass. I’m happy to report that the bass is not hollow.

BLUE – pointless, everything sounds muffled, perhaps compressed is the word.

PURPLE – audio shifts to higher pitch, a little too high that it’s uncomfortable.

Fortunately these traits that I highlight about the profile can be adjusted via software. On the downside, the software MUST be on the background to work the way you set. 🙁 Don’t worry guys, I’m just telling you how the audio is like. The MasterPulse Pro here works fine for gaming, if you’re an audiophile then this shouldn’t even be in your shopping list.

Regarding the BASS FX, I find that it’s non-existent. There’s really no perceivable difference whether the cover is on or off, with the only time it being actually perceivable is when you run really deep bass.

As for the 7.1 surround, sorry to say it suffers the fate of the BASS FX as it’s pretty much non-existent. I tried on games like Overwatch, not helping much. Sound from the front are somewhat distinct but I can’t say the same from anything from the rear.

Lastly – build quality which I think is excellent, really solid headphone here and comfortable for long-hour usage. I just don’t like it that the cable is red because it’s much of an eye sore when pairing with rigs with colors that don’t match. – they should’ve used grey or black to make it neutral.

The Verdict

The Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro retails at RM 269 – What you get is a headphone with excellent build quality and good enough audio that can be tweaked (fix the damn software?) to your liking. You can customize the earpiece cover to your liking, and also change the colors of the LED though extremely limited.

As for the cons, I’d say the Bass FX and 7.1 features are pretty much useless and the software needs a whole lot of fixing.

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