Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

Tne TN900R is an amazingly feature rich camera, I thought it was going to be just yet another camera but it wasn’t.

Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

The camera itself is very well build, everything about it is just solid.

Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

The TN900R connects with both LAN and Wi-Fi, you need WPS for Wi-Fi connectivity and an add-on USB device for that. Connectivity aside, it supports additional audio input and output and also allowing content to be saved on the MicroSD card.

Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

The camera is able to tilt upwards to a 90 degree angle, and it’s also able to swivel at almost a whole 360 degree.

Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

Here’s the package content, with the a ceiling / wall mount holder.

Compro TN900R Network Camera / CCTV Review

More details at the official product page but I’ll highlight what I can.

User Experience

Installation of the device is as easy as hooking it to the LAN and power it on. After that, install the software and get it to detect the camera. This part isn’t tricky, just that it takes a while before the device gets its IP address. Once it’s on then connection is straight forward.

Here’s a video on how the C4Home app works.

In the video above, I controlled the TN900R via 3G connection. It’s able to communicate with the device via Compro’s cloud service.

Other lovely bits of the camera includes temperature Reading, audio capture, 2 way communication (meaning you can converse with the person at the camera), and even IR control of appliance (TV, fan, DVD ….). So basically you get notification (push) based on the configuration you set, like say motion or temperature sensing.

A sample scenario would be that if you see that the room is warm, you could set it to power on the air conditioning via IR communication.

There are many options for you to configure, like say the video quality and how sensitive to motion should the camera be. There’s just so many features that

The C4Home app is also able to connect to your Dropbox account, alerts and screenshots will be stored in a folder on the Dropbox.

The Verdict

Compro TN900R Network Camera retails at RM 959 and it’s certainly the choice of camera if you want more than just something that shows you a scene.

The temperature reading and motion sensor, along with push notification, are helpful features that COULD save a life or property.

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