AVF Gaming Freak GE13 Earphone Review

Good earphones are hard to come by, I’ve encountered so many that looks good but sound horrible but the AVF Gaming Freak GE13 is one that’s not part of that list.

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

Starting off let’s look at the simple yet elegant packaging. With the flap opened you see most of the content.

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

Not only does AVF included a pouch, they’ve included additional earbuds as well. In total there are 6 earbuds, 2 of smaller size. Not only that, they’ve included earhooks as well!

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

Here is the tiny earpieces, interestingly the speaker is of a slightly bent angle, allowing better fit into your ears.

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

This is the controller switch.

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

Below is the specs taken from the official product page.

AVF Gaming Freak GH3 Headset Review

User Experience

The headphone looks great and fits comfortably to my ears, what I found is that the deeper you plug it in the better the sound cancellation is and the bass gets enhanced. What I like about the GE13 is the angled earpiece that fits ears better and the earbuds that are soft yet sufficient to adapt to your ear’s opening. Normally I’ll feel uncomfortable after some 30 minutes but with the GE13, I’m surprised I could game on more than that and did not feel any discomfort.

I was also pleasantly surprised that this tiny earpiece actually holds more bass than many headsets. It’s an earpiece, you can’t expect it to have boom boom bass but for what it’s worth the GE13 packs quite some bass considering its size. Treble can be on the high side, I played some music with it at max volume and it seems that the earpiece is tweaked to max out the high range of sound.

Gaming wise the GE13 works great, don’t expect to use it with your desktop though since the cable is quite short. The GE13 was designed for portable devices if your desktop is close enough, you’ll get by with the short cables.

My only complaint would be the volume switch, for the whole stretch of the movement range it only actually controls the volume on the final 20%.

The Verdict

The AVF Gaming Freak GE13 Earphone retails at only RM 65, neat price for an earphone with pleasant audio output and comfortable usage experience. The package is awesome, you get a total of 6 earbuds, a pouch and a pair of earhooks as well. What more could you ask for from an earphone at RM 65?

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